Perishable Logistic Indonesia (PLI)

We are (Perishable Logistic Indonesia known as PLI) a company with specializing in Perishable cargo by air and sea freight. Our operation works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are committed to quality of goods, keeping them fresh, alive all the way to the destination by managing environmental condition like odors, temperature and humidity. Our Expertise specialized in handling perishable commodity like:

  1. Seafood (live, fresh, frozen, dried)
  2. Bird nest
  3. Food Stuffs
  4. Live tropical fish & Natural Stones
  5. Fruits and Vegetables
  6. Cutting Flowers

You never know when there might be roadblocks in getting your perishable products to market. Flight cancellations, weather events or unforeseen storage requirements can appear at any point in the supply chain.

With Perishable Logistic Indonesia (PLI), Our full range of services ensures the optimum conditions and proper compliance for perishables across the supply chain. We held the international standard and network on handling perishable.

Our full range services include document preparation and customs formalities, prioritized space for perishable cargo on vessels and airplanes, as well as prioritized handling at ports of origin and destination. Our expert management and operational will ensuring the quality of product by implementing management of controlling the temperature, quantity and damages, sanitary inspections and quality checks with international standard features.

PLI connections for a matchless of outstanding global advantage. Perishable Logistics Indonesia (PLI) as one of business unit under ATT Group which well-known as one of logistic leader in Indonesia is an international expert that advances the interests of the time sensitive perishables logistics industry.

Our sea freight service provides comprehensive Sea Freight for effective schedule service. With a professional team and supported by global network, we manage all phases of ocean transportation on customer special needs.
Features of Services
• International Sea freight service, Export & Import
• Service Contract with major Shipping line
• Reputable Global network throughout the world
• Full Container Load (FCL) and Less Container Load (LCL) service
• Various transportation option (Door-to-Door, Door-to-Port, Port-to-Port, Port-to-Door, DDU, DDP, etc.)
• Triangle Business
• Many optional scheduled shipping lines
• Consolidated shipment
• Break bulk shipment handling
• Insurance coverage (Limited liability)

For air freight service, we fully understand that moving freight by Air means delivering goods quicky, safely, timely and as promised. ATT is Top Agent of several carrier in Jakarta, i.e. CX, CI, QR, QF,SQ.
Features of Services
• International Air freight service, Export & Import
• Appointed agent of various airlines: GA, SQ, BR, CI, CX, KL, LH, EK, EY, QR, QF, AA, BI, BA, CZ, etc
• Reputable Global network throughout the world
• Sea & Air Service
• Chartering Service
• Cargo consolidation service
• Flexible delivery option (airport-to-airport, door-to-door or combination, DDU, DDP, etc.)
• Oversized cargo handling
• Insurance coverage (Limited liability)

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